Ankerherz Verlag


The Ankerherz Verlag publishing house was established by Julia and Stefan Krücken in Hamburg in 2007. In contrast to other major publishing houses, Julia and Stefan Krücken only publish books that they themselves are interested in and would like to read themselves. It is a concept which has been rather successful due to stories such as "Time Bandit", "Hedy Darling" and "Unverkäuflich – Die unglaubliche Geschichte von Bobby Dekeyser".

The publishing house with its memorable logo, however, does not only publish books for adults in its portfolio, but also for children including titles such as "Nukka & Isi – Und das Wüstenschiff", "Nukka & Isi – Auf der Suche nach dem Weihnachtsmann" and "Käpt‘n Kuddel". A highlight of 2012 was the publication of Barbara McQueen's biography of her husband, the Hollywood legend, Steve McQueen (author: Christian Krug, the Gala's editor-in-chief), "Mein McQueen – Barbara McQueen über den Mann hinter dem Mythos".


  •  Handling of press work for lifestyle media and TV