Boje Buck - Same Same but Different


“Same Same but Different” is one of the most successful cinema films ever made by the German director, Detlev Buck, who also produced film hits such as “Männerpension“, “Knallhart”, “Sonnenallee”, “Aimée & Jaguar”, “Rubbeldiekatz” and “Vermessung der Welt”.
The film was premiered at the Locarno Film Festival on August 14th, 2009. The audience on the Piazza Grande totalled a record of 7800! “Same Same but Different” received the "Piazza Grande Award", awarded by Variety magazine for films that combine artistic and commercial aspects most convincingly. 
 The film is based on the true story of Benjamin Prüfer, which he told in his novel, "Wohin Du auch gehst", in 2006. Benjamin Prüfer is portrayed in the film by shooting star, David Kross, who became famous due to films such as “Knallhart", "Krabat", and "Der VORLESER" (which co-starred Kate Winslet). “Same Same But Different” tells an unusual modern love story. A young German man falls in love with a girl from Cambodia and even stays with her when it turns out that she is HIV positive. The film was shot on location in Cambodia, Kuala Lumpur and Hamburg.


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