Volkswagen Motor Racing – Rallye Dakar


By taking part in the Rallye Dakar, Volkswagen AG has again taken up the challenge of participating in the world's most gruelling rallye. The company has developed a vehicle with the Race Touareg that is able to meet the extreme demands of the race.  

Lauth Communicates supported the Volkswagen Motorsport team, including Jutta Kleinschmidt, one of the world's most successful female racing drivers, with press work. Jutta Kleinschmidt is the only woman ever to have won the Rallye Dakar.


  • Handling of lifestyle press work before and after the Rallye Dakar.
  • Support for and liaison with lifestyle journalists on location with the aim of exciting them about the race and getting the rally reported from an entirely new perspective and in other media titles.
  • On-location support for, liaison with sponsors and involvement in media work