x-raid – Rallye Dakar


The team headed by Sven Quandt and based in Trebur near Frankfurt am Main is made up of international members hailing from Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Portugal, Poland, the USA, Belgium, France, Austria and South Africa.

The Rallye Dakar 2008 was cancelled for security reasons. But the organisers and teams agreed that they had to find an adequate substitute. Accordingly a decision was made to relocate the rally to South America but to keep the name. The new Rallye Dakar is as difficult as its predecessor. The first Rallies Dakar in Argentina and Chile were an exciting challenge to both teams and drivers. The Rallye Dakar legend lives on!

Lauth Communicates and Jutta Kleinschmidt switched from Volkswagen Motorsport to x-raid and support the team headed by Sven Quandt with the appropriate press work.


  • Handling of lifestyle press work before and after the Rallye Dakar
  • Support for and liaison with lifestyle journalists on location with the aim of exciting them about the race and getting the rally reported from an entirely new perspective and in other titles.
  • On-location support for and liaison with sponsors and involvement in media work